Since 1913, the year of its foundation, the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) came to be the only French Grand Lodge in amity with the United Grand Lodge of England. 

Unfortunately, driven by business and personal interests, key elements of this organization have lost their original splendor and often their Masonic character.  This has become especially true in recent years.

Some illustrations can be provided: these are some relevant facts widely accepted as true. It has a pyramidal structure (no Lodge is a single association unto itself but is a part of the same GLNF Legal Association), the fact that the Grand Master is really not replaceable, rather he is not elected by the Lodges or even by their representatives, the fact that he proclaimed himself spiritual master of the structure, the fact that there are non-Mason security guards at the entrance to protect the Brothers in their meetings, that this structure is bogged down in international political affairs, the truth that police files concerning normal background checks of applicants have been used by other members for their own purposes, etc., etc..  These are illustrative of a way that has seriously departed from Freemasonry.

In this context, and with these facts, the United Grand Lodge of England and the European and American Grand Lodges have decided to withdraw their recognition. We decided to do the same.

We will restore the page on the French National Grand Lodge when it is once again a Masonic Grand Lodge, namely:

  • With sovereign Lodges able to elect their Worshipful Masters and Treasurers without further intervention and without further permission.
  • Having a Grand Master elected by the lodges or their representatives they have elected themselves
  • Lodges having with their own treasury and their own charity trunk.

For more information on what motivated our decision, we invite you to visit the following sites (in French) :


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