13 diciembre, 2014

Be About It | rwventilator

Recently, I was reminded of a phrase from my inner city youth: “Be About it”. Not the most elegant of phrases, but very eloquent in message. […]
13 diciembre, 2014

Modern Rite Event in Mexico

The Modern or French Rite in Mexico Between November 1st and 4th the Mixed Grand Lodge of the Equatorial Andes and the Sublime Council of the […]
13 diciembre, 2014

The Rocky Road to a Successful Called Meeting

Our lodge has been growing, as I’ve mentioned in other posts. Today, we initiated our 7th new Mason in the last 9 months. A veteran Past […]
13 diciembre, 2014

The Desert Fathers and Freemasonry

The Desert Fathers were an early, monastic sect of Christianity which developed what would become the practice of monastic chanting within Christianity. They would memorize the […]
13 diciembre, 2014

You need more flair | The Tao of Masonry

We Freemasons love our flair. “Here’s a nickel, kid. Go buy yourself some real badges so we know you’re a Mason.” Come on, admit it. You’ve […]
13 diciembre, 2014

Laborare est Orare | Three Knocks

This past weekend, my local valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite had their biannual reunion, which I always look forward to. While I was […]
13 diciembre, 2014

Won’t be losing any more sleep over those who can’t see the opportunity inherent in Freemasonry

The other night at lodge, the District Education Officer stood and started speaking about membership numbers for our fraternity. He had done some research about the […]
13 diciembre, 2014

May we innovate in freemasonry?

I’m a thinker. And by thinker, I mean that I like thinking about things that other people, who are not me, can do. Some would call […]
13 diciembre, 2014

Zuhrah Shrine Legion of Honor

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12 diciembre, 2014

The Apprentice in need of your support

Dear friends and brothers, this is a little project I am trying to get up off the ground. I’m hoping it might be something you find […]
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